ITT Barton Model 318, 318A and 318C

The ITT Barton Models 318, 318A and 318C are 4 1/2" differential pressure switches which are approved by the conditions required by the specifications of MIL-S-901C Shock Grade A and MIL-STD-167 Vibration.

The scale of the ITT Barton Model 318, 318A and 318C can be graduated uniformly for measurement of differential pressure or liquid level, or square root for measuring flow rates. These switches are often used by the US Navy.

DP Ranges:
0-30"w.c. to 0-1000 PSID
(0-762 mm to 0-69 bar)

Accuracy (DP Range):
Repeatability: .25%

Temperature Limits:
-40 F (-40 C) to + 180 F (+80 C)

Housings and Safe Working Pressures of the ITT Barton Models 318, 318A, 318C:
Forged brass, SWP 500 PSI(34.5) bar
Brass, SWP 1000 PSI(68.9 bar)
CR Steel , SWP's 1500, 3000, & 6000 PSI(103.4 , 206.9, &413.8 bar)
316 Stainless Steel, SWP's 500 ,1500, 3000, 6000 PSI(34.5, 104, 207, 414 bar)
Cast Aluminum, SWP 400 PSI(27.6 bar)
Alloy Steel , SWP 10000 PSI(690 bar)

Bellows Material of the ITT Barton Models 318, 318A, 318C:
316 Stainless Steel
Beryllium Copper


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