Features and Benefits of the McDonnell & Miller Series PFC

  • For the actuation of pneumatic valves or relays in heating, air conditioning and process systems in hazardous or non-hazardous locations
  • Provides an air pressure signal proportional to the liquid level
  • Available as Direct Acting or Reverse Acting
  • A float operated armature senses the liquid level
  • Switch mechanism is completely sealed from the liquid
  • Two gauges are provided to display the supply and output pressures
  • Alternate air connection tappings are provided for greater flexibility in piping
  • Operating range: 1 – 2? (25 – 51mm)
  • Air pressure
        – Supply 20 psi (1.4 kg/cm2)
        – Output 3 – 15 psi (.2 – 1 kg/cm2)
  • Maximum water temperature 406°F (208°C)
  • Maximum pressure 250 psig (17.6 kg/cm2)

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